My Story of Hair Loss

At the age of 34 I had my first child, a beautiful baby boy. I was So happy to have him in my life especially after dreaming of him for almost 13 years! I quickly learned there is a lot most people do not share about pregnancy and motherhood. 

One being the fact that 50% of new mothers lose their hair! Even taking my prenatal vitamins my hair, which was so full and beautiful while I was pregnant, continued to fall out in clumps! I had no idea what to do. 

Thankfully I had recently discovered FARASMi and so tried the Revitalize Garlic and Capixyl Shampoo. OMG! I am so glad this product exists. Within just a few weeks my hair was noticeably fuller. I could see growth and baby hair start to sprout! After just 12 weeks using this wonder shampoo my hair was back and now it fuller and healthier then ever. 

Sadly many  women suffer in silence with thinning hair or hair loss or spend hundreds of dollars on treatments or other products that unfortunately just do not work, or use hormones' to stimulate hair growth. FARMASi does not use hormones, instead the natural power or Garlic and Capixyl (which is a combination of vitamins and minerals) known to naturally stimulate hair growth and make the hair folic stronger for less fall out. 


"FARMASi saved our skin"


"These products literally saved our skin! My husband suffers with sever eczema, I'm talking .. the outbreaks can get so bad they visually appear to look like burns or wounds in some areas. He cannot wear gold, silver and many "real" metals. His wedding bans is titanium. He also gets outbreaks with seasonal allergies, food allergies, hospital gloves, sweat after a good workout or being too hot.

Even prescription ointments don't always work. I also have a form of dermatitis that doc's can't really figure out. I get itchy skin and mine looks like hives. everything I do to control or treat I always I always try to treat naturally first!

This stuff has Saved Our Skin!! No prescription needed and so affordable! We are so grateful especially because our little by has eczema too!

I apply the balsam all over our body or selected areas and this also serves as my Chapstick. Or overnight especially if you have super dry lips this will cause them to peel and shed leaving with brand new skin and lips by morning smooth as a baby's bottom!

I highly recommend for anyone and everyone! 

Thank you Dr. Tuna!" 

_ Shardonnae Jor'Dan

This Stuff is Amazing"

- Kimberly Sheridan

I'm embarrassed to even share this, but please understand that this sofa has been through 3 homes, 3 kids, 3 pets, 6,387 sleepovers and even more dirty little boys playing Xbox and secretly eating on it!

No upholstery cleaner or special machine was used - Just 1/4 ounce FARMASi Multipurpose Cleaner, diluted in a spray bottle, a dish rag and a little scrub brush!

This Stuff is AMAZING!!

My husband has suffered most of his life with painful eczema! His skin was dry, cracked and flaky!  It was extremely difficult for him shave.  He tried everything, prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines with no success! He even at one time consider steroid shots. But he can’t stand needles so had decided to try and live with the pain and constant redness!

I was desperate to find anything to ease his pain. Then about 6 months  ago I discovered something that would change everything, and that was Farmasi and their amazing Calendula Line.

The difference has been like night and day!! He no longer is brought to tears every time he shaves, his red cracked cheeks are pink and heathy and flaky eyebrows and nose are a thing of the past!!