Farmasi is an international beauty and personal care manufacturer, retailer, and direct sales company. They are based out of Europe and specialize in products to enhance beauty, personal care, and health & wellness.

As a company, they have over 80 years of experience in the Cosmetics and Health Industry. To date, they have formulated and launched more than 2.000 products, which are shipped to over 125 countries all around the world. So, in short, this company is the real deal!




Farmasi products are made to European Standards.

This means as a company they are PROHIBITED from using over 1,300 known or suspected cancer causing toxins in their products. In contrast, U.S. products only ban only 11! Some might think that having higher quality ingredients would cause the price point to go up as well. This isn’t the case with Farmasi. We’re completely sustainable and sourced. What does that mean? Basically, everything from growing our own organic aloe vera, to making the bottles our products are packaged in, we do it ourselves! Since there is no middle man, we’re able to cut down on costs, which we can then pass on to our customers!




As a direct sales company, THEIR success is dependent on YOUR success. That being said, Farmasi has a simple approach to making your business fun, successful, and profitable.


Use It


Recommend It


Sell It



  • USE IT- What better way to know how good a product is than using it yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

  • RECOMMEND IT- How easy is it to tell others about something you love! Don’t hold back from telling your family and friends about your amazing products.

  • SELL IT- Farmasi skin care & beauty products are so attractive because the price point is so affordable. In addition, the benefits of selling our products will blow you away, as you will immediately see returns from your hard work!

  • INFLUENCE- Influencing is all about sharing what you love with others. In addition, you will follow up with your customers. Ask them for their feedback and product review. Tell them about new products. Invite them to let others know how much they love what they are using.


Let's Talk About the Benefits

Here are a few quick points that outline why this business is so great and how it benefits you.

  • Only 19.99 to join, plus shipping/tax. (One time fee, not yearly!)

  • NEW to the United States. Ground floor opportunity

  • FREE sales website and training

  • 50% off ALL products. ALL the time.

  • Top paying comp plan in the industry

  • Many Bonus opportunities

  • Car allowance, not a lease (executive level)

  • Affordable, high quality products

  • A wide variety of products for women, men, babies and health and wellness!

You're probably thinking what's the catch?!

Well, there is none!!!

There’s only more exciting benefits to explain and you can start learning more about the business

and what Farmasi does for it's Beauty Influencers.

We're VERY well taken care of. But if you want more detailed information about our comp plan,

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We have a wide variety of cosmetic and beauty products to offer. The prices are amazing and the quality will blow you away.

In addition to great prices and quality, our products have the following certifications:

  • GMO Free

  • Phthatate Free

  • Formaldehyde Free

  • Paraben Free

  • No animal ingredients or tested on animals

  • Dermatologically Tested

  • Family Owned and operated

  • Always Affordable Products


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