Farmasi is a cosmetic and skin care company that is based in Turkey and was founded by Dr. C Tuna in 1950. After Dr. Tuna graduated from medical school in 1941 he started creating his own formulas for skin care, personal care and cosmetics. The Farmasi brand was developed in 2004 and has kept growing since. 2019 FARMASi came to the USA and I joined in October of that same year - let me lay out all the details for you.


  1. FEE’s - every direct sales company has fee’s that are to be paid to be a part of the company, Farmasi is no different. There is a $19.99 sign up fee to become a Beauty Influencer (representative) plus tax and shipping. With that $19.99 you receive a “Starter Kit” with samples of the various products, booklets on the company, compensation plan breakdown and product information. Unlike other DS companies, this is a one time only fee. There are no monthly or yearly fees to be paid. So, if you are used to paying a monthly website fee, I’m sorry to tell you - FARMASi gives you a free website, so no fee for that. 

    1. Did I have to buy a large kit? No. FARMASi offers product kits at a higher discount for all new Beauty Influencers but the purchase of a kit is not required. 

    2. Along with the free website, with that $19.99 sign up you will also automatically get 50% off all your purchases as well as 50% commission on all sales. So no paying full retail or trying to work towards a higher commission, the minimum is set  50% with a maximum of 75% that can be earned.

    3. Do you get regular autoshipment currently? I’m sorry to say FARMASI does not offer any autoshipments. As a Beauty Influencer you would purchase as often or as little as you’d like. As long as you make a purchase of at least $2 every 6 months you keep your BI Status, 50% discount and 50% commission.

  2. Get rich Quick - sorry to say that does not exist. So if hard work is not something you are looking for then FARMASi definitely is not for you. Social Selling, Network  Marketing and Direct Sales take hard work and being consistent to succeed. If I discover a way to “get rich quick” that is actually legal - I'll let you know. But as of right now, any company you find that promises lots of money for small investment or little effort is more than likely a scam. So, if scams and pyramid schemes are your thing? Then keep looking, FARMASi is not for you.

  3. Quality Products: many companies now claim to be “clean” or “organic”. It’s the new trend. FARMASi took a different approach to the whole “clean” labeling and holds themselves to the EU Standards which has banned over 1,300 different known harmful chemicals from being used in any of their products. They currently have several certificates from the GMP (good manufacturing practices) as well as HALA Certificate (which means the products as well as the facility in which they are made is clean and pure from defilement). FARMASi even took that a step further and makes all their own packaging, labels, bottles and even grows their own roses and aloe to ensure it is pure and organic. 

  4. Compensation: Thinking of joining any direct sales means you are looking to either make some extra income on the side or start your own career and grow a small business with the backing of a larger company. I need to be honest here and say there is nothing bad I can say about the compensation plan. FARMASi offer’s 9 different ways to get paid, including a car allowance. So no car lease or confusing contracts to sign - it’s just an extra bonus added to your paycheck that can be used any way you see fit. 


So, what is the bottom line? If you are looking for a reliable, clean company with a rich history and financial stability then FARMASi is for you. If you would rather go with something new and flashy, that promises big payouts for little work, then FARMASi is not for you. I’m so happy I found this company and how it has changed my life. If you’re willing to put in the work, then I’m here to help you achieve your goals with FARAMASi as well.